SEO Is Dead

SEO is dead.  I was told that today and couldn’t help but smile.  I am not really sure what that means other than someone repeated a LinkedIn post, article or a blog.  It also means whatever marketing company his business is using can’t do SEO or haven’t stayed up with industry changes. SEO Agencies either evolve or live on their past performances and hope clients like them enough to continue the contract.


After I finished my pitch today and provided examples, some said “so in addition to SEO, it sounds like you do local search as well.”   It sounds to me like he paid for both itemized on a bill at one point in time.  I struggle to understand the difference.  Ensuring a business’s listing are up-to-date in directories is an important, fundamental step with any online marketing service.  Differentiating between local search and SEO seems like a ploy to act like a company should charge an additional fee for services.  Just like I ran into a guy today selling videos with the company’s review rating, updated monthly or quarterly for like $699 a video.  Interesting, but how do potential customers ever find the site or video?  That was something that he couldn’t answer.


SEO is valuable.  Especially in high growth areas like Columbus and Dallas where SEO companies are creating millionaire clients.  Unlike larger companies doing SEO, we don’t hire attractive sales professionals to go in, bat eyelashes, show some leg and get business.  In Columbus, the same nerd in wireframe glasses and ugly legs is selling SEO and performing the services.  In Dallas, Jonathan is the SEO expert, creating the overarching infrastructure to rank sites.  If he happens to have time to go out and sell, great, otherwise he is focused on our client’s success.


Someone told me that it sounds like both his business and SEO companies are similar to a sport like basketball.  You are always on offense, even on defense, and need to analyze the situation and make changes quickly.  That made sense to me.  Of course, the person who told me that has a net worth of over $700 million.  He picks up on things pretty quick.

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