SEO in the Political Primary Season

So to all of the people who believe that search engine optimization is dead, go ahead and search for various primary voting terms.  The only presidential candidate website that shows up on the first page of the search result is Bernie. Now Bernie Sanders is getting beat in the polls on by Bernie Lomax (Weekend at Bernie’s).  If you search “jeb bush for president” multiple sites on page 1 are anti-Bush sites and the Trump campaign or proxies managed domains that rank for the competition’s branded search terms.  For a period of time redirected Trump’s site. is actually a site about immigrating to Canada.  Both Bernie and The Donald’s SEO teams get it.  Other than us, I can’t imagine another Columbus SEO Company that could pull this off.

Hilleary isn’t winning this battle either.  Go to  It looks like the Huff Post or Time and the main article is about Hillary’s only play is the gender card.  The site is a mash-up between The Onion, Wall Street Journal, and Info-wars.  Low information voters could believe some of this information.  I know people who have seriously forwarded a military version of the Onion (The Duffle Blog) and thought the story was real.  These are people with graduate degrees (the definition of book smart).

SEO’s role in political campaigns is only growing.  Do you think the SEO Company’s used by Bernie and Trump are delivering real value to their candidate?  I think so.  I couldn’t believe the 3 or 4 ways that I researched for primary voting locations in Columbus Ohio ended up with a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with  Not that good SEO could convince me to choose one candidate over another, but sometimes staying top of mind and just getting more people to read about your brand is valuable.  It is why companies pay for ad impressions.

Imagine if a competitor showed up for your branded traffic? Or your business’s website actually showed up for the most common searched terms in your industry or even your competition’s brand? You see, few companies can actually perform this level of SEO service.  Many Columbus SEO agencies make outrageous claims and fail to deliver.  In fact, I have met more people dissatisfied with their SEO company’s level of service than satisfied.

Prior to the launch of The Columbus SEO, Columbus Ohio did not have this capability.  Now we changed the game.  In addition to simply winning, we only work with one client per market so we are fully invested in your company’s success.

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