Online Censorship Is Harming Business

     I just read an article about Facebook constantly updating its algorithm.  It is amazing to think that a typical Facebook post is viewed by 4-9 followers depending on whether it is text, a picture or video.  Such a large amount of content is created on Facebook the company makes decision on what you see and do not see.  Facebook is trying to be The News distributor.  This is leading to focus articles of the fanatical to an even greater extent to ensure users are posting the latest anti-Obama or pro-Hillary article on Facebook.
     Research is telling us that Facebook, Google, and other social media companies are going to determine the presidential election by ensuring the news the online giant wants published is out in front of the US population.  Talk about scary.
     Google used to have massive, named updates.  Most small businesses remember Panda and Penguin.  Those were the updates that knocked a lot of them off page 1.  Now Google makes small tweaks every few weeks to help make the search results more relevant.
     Twitter now is banning “hateful content.”  I wonder if the same college students who fear dissenting opinions are deciding what is hateful.  Facebook was temporarily shut-down in Egypt and India for selecting what websites people using its free internet service in those countries could access.  Some now sat the internet is shifting from the “liberator to the oppressor.”
     Online censorship is a slippery slope.  Twitter pulled a picture off its server from the Paris attacks.  Facebook removed all information relating to a rival company.  And Google favors large corporations over small business.  SEO is really the small business answer to combat Google and its Fortune 500 favoring algorithm.  Companies in Dallas, Columbus and Indianapolis can use the best SEO Company and the most competitive SEO company/agency online, the Alan Morgan Group.  We also go by The Columbus SEO and The Indianapolis SEO.
     We are re-democratizing online search.  Let us know if you are ready to grow your business online.

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