Columbus OH Is A Great Place to Work

     Columbus Ohio is a great place to do business.  Seriously.  With a population of about 2 million, unemployment at 4% and cost of living about 5% below the national average, Columbus is a pragmatic place to launch a company. In fact, Forbes lists Columbus s #11 for Best Places for Business and Careers.  Shocking to most, Columbus is the 15th largest city in the United States.  Between organizations like Business First, The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, and incubators like Innovate New Albany and Rev1 Ventures, Columbus is poised for further growth.  Moving to Columbus from the Rocky Mountains, it took a minute to get used it.  I forgot just how much people in the Midwest want to help others.  Some would argue starting another Digital Marketing Company in Columbus meant we failed at market research.  To us, a boutique SEO agency that only worked with one client per market made sense.  According to the 2014 US Census Bureau estimates, Columbus had the 13th largest population gain in the last two years. The only other non-western or non-southern city in the top 15 for growth was New York City.  So starting a Columbus SEO company that can do what it says it can do only made sense.
     What does Columbus look like in 2016 and beyond?  Most believe the small business community will strengthen.  One of the more interesting things about Columbus is its creative space and advertising/marketing firms.  It seems the firms are constantly spinning off or merging.  Successful employees leave and start their own advertising or PR firms.  Digital marketing agencies merge with advertising agencies which merge with SEO companies.  The Shipyard/People to My Site/Fugent/Enguage is an amazing, efficient and impactful one-to-one marketing giant.  Then another part of People to my Site formed Smart1Marketing, the firm that works with almost every car dealer in Columbus.  I’m sure Smart1Marketing doesn’t tell them all they will get their car dealership to number one in the Google search results or number one in the maps.
     It is an interesting business model to work with so many competitors within one industry.  It must be nice to pick the winners.  I guess we are the weird ones, but that is why we will always only work with one client and focus on that client’s success.  If that sounds appealing please contact The Columbus SEO at (614) 245-5644.

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