SEO in the Political Primary Season

So to all of the people who believe that search engine optimization is dead, go ahead and search for various primary voting terms.  The only presidential candidate website that shows up on the first page of the search result is Bernie. Now Bernie Sanders is getting beat in the polls on by Bernie Lomax (Weekend at Bernie’s).  If you search “jeb bush for president” multiple sites on page 1 are anti-Bush sites and the Trump campaign or proxies managed domains that rank for the competition’s branded search terms.  For a period of time redirected Trump’s site. is actually a site about immigrating to Canada.  Both Bernie and The Donald’s SEO teams get it.  Other than us, I can’t imagine another Columbus SEO Company that could pull this off.

Hilleary isn’t winning this battle either.  Go to  It looks like the Huff Post or Time and the main article is about Hillary’s only play is the gender card.  The site is a mash-up between The Onion, Wall Street Journal, and Info-wars.  Low information voters could believe some of this information.  I know people who have seriously forwarded a military version of the Onion (The Duffle Blog) and thought the story was real.  These are people with graduate degrees (the definition of book smart).

SEO’s role in political campaigns is only growing.  Do you think the SEO Company’s used by Bernie and Trump are delivering real value to their candidate?  I think so.  I couldn’t believe the 3 or 4 ways that I researched for primary voting locations in Columbus Ohio ended up with a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) with  Not that good SEO could convince me to choose one candidate over another, but sometimes staying top of mind and just getting more people to read about your brand is valuable.  It is why companies pay for ad impressions.

Imagine if a competitor showed up for your branded traffic? Or your business’s website actually showed up for the most common searched terms in your industry or even your competition’s brand? You see, few companies can actually perform this level of SEO service.  Many Columbus SEO agencies make outrageous claims and fail to deliver.  In fact, I have met more people dissatisfied with their SEO company’s level of service than satisfied.

Prior to the launch of The Columbus SEO, Columbus Ohio did not have this capability.  Now we changed the game.  In addition to simply winning, we only work with one client per market so we are fully invested in your company’s success.

SEO Is Dead

SEO is dead.  I was told that today and couldn’t help but smile.  I am not really sure what that means other than someone repeated a LinkedIn post, article or a blog.  It also means whatever marketing company his business is using can’t do SEO or haven’t stayed up with industry changes. SEO Agencies either evolve or live on their past performances and hope clients like them enough to continue the contract.


After I finished my pitch today and provided examples, some said “so in addition to SEO, it sounds like you do local search as well.”   It sounds to me like he paid for both itemized on a bill at one point in time.  I struggle to understand the difference.  Ensuring a business’s listing are up-to-date in directories is an important, fundamental step with any online marketing service.  Differentiating between local search and SEO seems like a ploy to act like a company should charge an additional fee for services.  Just like I ran into a guy today selling videos with the company’s review rating, updated monthly or quarterly for like $699 a video.  Interesting, but how do potential customers ever find the site or video?  That was something that he couldn’t answer.


SEO is valuable.  Especially in high growth areas like Columbus and Dallas where SEO companies are creating millionaire clients.  Unlike larger companies doing SEO, we don’t hire attractive sales professionals to go in, bat eyelashes, show some leg and get business.  In Columbus, the same nerd in wireframe glasses and ugly legs is selling SEO and performing the services.  In Dallas, Jonathan is the SEO expert, creating the overarching infrastructure to rank sites.  If he happens to have time to go out and sell, great, otherwise he is focused on our client’s success.


Someone told me that it sounds like both his business and SEO companies are similar to a sport like basketball.  You are always on offense, even on defense, and need to analyze the situation and make changes quickly.  That made sense to me.  Of course, the person who told me that has a net worth of over $700 million.  He picks up on things pretty quick.

Online Censorship Is Harming Business

     I just read an article about Facebook constantly updating its algorithm.  It is amazing to think that a typical Facebook post is viewed by 4-9 followers depending on whether it is text, a picture or video.  Such a large amount of content is created on Facebook the company makes decision on what you see and do not see.  Facebook is trying to be The News distributor.  This is leading to focus articles of the fanatical to an even greater extent to ensure users are posting the latest anti-Obama or pro-Hillary article on Facebook.
     Research is telling us that Facebook, Google, and other social media companies are going to determine the presidential election by ensuring the news the online giant wants published is out in front of the US population.  Talk about scary.
     Google used to have massive, named updates.  Most small businesses remember Panda and Penguin.  Those were the updates that knocked a lot of them off page 1.  Now Google makes small tweaks every few weeks to help make the search results more relevant.
     Twitter now is banning “hateful content.”  I wonder if the same college students who fear dissenting opinions are deciding what is hateful.  Facebook was temporarily shut-down in Egypt and India for selecting what websites people using its free internet service in those countries could access.  Some now sat the internet is shifting from the “liberator to the oppressor.”
     Online censorship is a slippery slope.  Twitter pulled a picture off its server from the Paris attacks.  Facebook removed all information relating to a rival company.  And Google favors large corporations over small business.  SEO is really the small business answer to combat Google and its Fortune 500 favoring algorithm.  Companies in Dallas, Columbus and Indianapolis can use the best SEO Company and the most competitive SEO company/agency online, the Alan Morgan Group.  We also go by The Columbus SEO and The Indianapolis SEO.
     We are re-democratizing online search.  Let us know if you are ready to grow your business online.

Columbus OH Is A Great Place to Work

     Columbus Ohio is a great place to do business.  Seriously.  With a population of about 2 million, unemployment at 4% and cost of living about 5% below the national average, Columbus is a pragmatic place to launch a company. In fact, Forbes lists Columbus s #11 for Best Places for Business and Careers.  Shocking to most, Columbus is the 15th largest city in the United States.  Between organizations like Business First, The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, and incubators like Innovate New Albany and Rev1 Ventures, Columbus is poised for further growth.  Moving to Columbus from the Rocky Mountains, it took a minute to get used it.  I forgot just how much people in the Midwest want to help others.  Some would argue starting another Digital Marketing Company in Columbus meant we failed at market research.  To us, a boutique SEO agency that only worked with one client per market made sense.  According to the 2014 US Census Bureau estimates, Columbus had the 13th largest population gain in the last two years. The only other non-western or non-southern city in the top 15 for growth was New York City.  So starting a Columbus SEO company that can do what it says it can do only made sense.
     What does Columbus look like in 2016 and beyond?  Most believe the small business community will strengthen.  One of the more interesting things about Columbus is its creative space and advertising/marketing firms.  It seems the firms are constantly spinning off or merging.  Successful employees leave and start their own advertising or PR firms.  Digital marketing agencies merge with advertising agencies which merge with SEO companies.  The Shipyard/People to My Site/Fugent/Enguage is an amazing, efficient and impactful one-to-one marketing giant.  Then another part of People to my Site formed Smart1Marketing, the firm that works with almost every car dealer in Columbus.  I’m sure Smart1Marketing doesn’t tell them all they will get their car dealership to number one in the Google search results or number one in the maps.
     It is an interesting business model to work with so many competitors within one industry.  It must be nice to pick the winners.  I guess we are the weird ones, but that is why we will always only work with one client and focus on that client’s success.  If that sounds appealing please contact The Columbus SEO at (614) 245-5644.

Marketing Equalizer

The internet started out as the great business equalizer. If you had a great idea and internal drive, it didn’t matter if you worked for a Fortune 500 Company or out of your parents basement.  The internet now allowed is all to connect in ways previously only dreamed about in science fiction novels.
But as it often happens, those with means began to dominate online marketing, buying their way to the top of the search results pages.
At The Columbus SEO, we are fighting to redemocratize the internet.  As the best Columbus, OH SEO company, we fight for our clients to get them the exposure they deserve.
As the SEO Experts in Columbus, OH, Alan Morgan uses proprietary techniques to give our clients the edge to compete in a crowded market.
The internet has changed the way business will be conducted forever. Put your trust in the hands of the premier SEO company in Columbus, OH to ensure your solutions are available in this ever growing landscape.